Local Adventure: The Hungry Pigeon (Things to Do in Philly)

Let’s be real, we wouldn’t make a product we don’t use ourselves. We are always about finding things to do in new places, having a local adventure, or meeting new people.

When do I use Shuflix? Well, it depends. It can vary from weekdays to weekends. It’s certain though, I do use it every single weekend. I love using it on the weekends because I get lost in time and space discovering new places and trying new things. When you think about it, I have a pocket adventure device. I can take it out of my pocket, shake it, and find new things to do whenever and wherever I want.

However, this past weekend, I was under a strict schedule and I didn’t have time to get lost in time and space. I was in Philly but, I needed to go upstate…aaand I was starving. So, I decided to use Shuflix, find a new brunch place, have a quick eat, and speed off.

One of the first shake results was the Hungry Pigeon. At Shuflix we hate judging books by their cover  which is why we avoid the ranks and the ratings in our platform. But, you have to admit, the title of the place is fantastic… who wouldn’t want to learn more about the Hungry Pigeon?? Suffice it to say, my friend and I  were sold by how close it was to our current location …aaand it’s awesome name.

When we entered, we were greeted by one of the waitresses with a smile. The place was great. The people were kind, welcoming and genuine. The windows are tall and wide and so the decorative walls get tons of sun. We ordered the breakfast bowl, a sandwich, a side of toast, a side of bacon, aaand their morning beer. Yes, that’s right, they have a morning beer! It’s incredibly refreshing. It’s some mix of beer and other things…I actually didn’t ask (which I regret). However,  I also don’t regret not asking–the mystery of not knowing what’s inside also makes it appealing to me. Either way, this magical drink is tasty AF and everyone should try it.

After we ate, we left the hungry pigeon with happy stomaches. It’s always fun to have mini local adventures no matter how short they are.  In a local adventure, you get to meet new people, new places, and new experiences. So, if you are ever wondering what kinds of fun things you can do near you… Shuflix is a good place to start (shameless plug 😛 ).

Happy Shuflixing!

p.s. if you have a story of a fun spontaneous adventure, shoot us an email! (it doesn’t have to relate to shuflix; we want to hear stories of all kinds!)